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How to remote desktop from a vertical dual-monitor config on MS-Vista (and up) to MS-Vista (and up)

Just let mstsc figure it out: mstsc /span /v:<servername>

Trying to feed the resolution /v and /h commandline parameters did fail.

The new span dual monitor support in the MS-Vista  MSTSC does not only support horizontal monitor configurations (mine are 2*w:1050*H:1680), seems a tad slow, though).

Intel HD 4000 a disappointment even in 2D…

  1. I did not expect anything great of INTEL HD’s 3d performance, and I do not need it.
    1. I thought, however, I could get away with the  HD4000 which is part of my I5-3570k.
    2. first disappointment: my board comes with HDMI, DVI and VGA, but HD4000 supports only up to 2 screens at a time.
    3. System is unbalanced, slowed down.
    4. Winsat seems to indicate, why:  image
    5. Seems poorly balanced by Intefor the most common use case.
  2. After installing an  ASUS GT640-2GD (inexpensive, but supports 4 displays):
    1. And 4 (+2, the alignment is better than it appears in this photo stitch) instead of dual screens: CAM07458-Montage
    2. Still not great (and the 3d score drops actually), but seems much more usable during office work: CPUScore              : 7.8
      D3DScore              : 6.4
      DiskScore             : 8.05
      GraphicsScore         : 6.4
      MemoryScore           : 7.8
    3. Especially efficient is the support of 4 displays without need for equipment supporting Displayport:
    4. No full screen spanning support in the driver (monitors are not considered one large screen by Windows): good for window management with Aero Snap; not good for multimedia display spanning screens.

How best to fit your class into the Sanako Study1200 Classroom Layout

  1. When started, the Study1200 Tutor will prompt for the classroom layout (computer and student icons in the right part of the Sanako window) that you want to load, like so:classroom-layouts
  2. We have 2 classroom layouts preconfigured for common uses of the LRC
    1. right-half”: only the right half, as viewed by the teacher, of the coed434 main classroom. If you come with smaller classes (<16), this will fit relatively nicely onto the screen.
    2. “template class” = all that can fit onto the screen which means:To fit students (and, more importantly, the reasonably sized thumbnails of their desktops) onto the screen (Sanako Tutor will not span both screens, at least not if they have different resolutions), we  had to
      1. take the main classroom COED434lrc-layout-map-main (1000x442)
      2. break out the front 2 rows, break them apart in the middle, and turn them counterclockwise, like so: coed434-left-front2-counterclockwise (623x1000)coed434-right-front2-counterclockwise (627x1000)
      3. to achieve the following result in the Study 1200 classroom layout: sanako1200-screen-control-lrcthumbnails of the 2 front rows barely fit the layout, remaining computers from the rear row are cluttering the bottom of the classroom layout. This severely limits the usefulness of this great feature, and is counter-intuitive, which is twice as bad when standing in front of (or here rather: behind) a class. We are working on getting a bigger secondary screen on the teacher podium. Since we will also eventually need more Sanako licenses to equip the whole classroom. So the secondary screen should be as big as we can possibly get for the podium: 1900*1200 would be 1.75 times what we have now. 
      4. To simplify this while we wait, we have numbered the seats (rather: the monitors) in the LRC according to the computer numbers. In the Study-1200 classroom layout, you can show the computer (names which end in these) numbers instead of the the student login names, by going to menu: tools / admin / change student names.
  3. if you classroom configuration changes,
    1. you can change the layout by reloading a preconfigured classroom layout file, like so:classroom-layout-open
    2. you can alter the layout on the right on the fly, by CTRL-SHIFT dragging student/computer icons
      1. If you have done this, on exiting, the study1200 tutor will ask you whether you want to save your changes to the layout. Feel free to do this, as longs as you save them in your personal tutor folder. Please do not overwrite existing layouts for all teachers. 
    3. Classroom layouts are stored with the extension CCF, but are simply XML files. To preview or even edit them, You can open them in your preferred XML editor, like so in MS-Excel:classroom-layout-open-xml

Multi-monitor setups

Bill Gates has been quoted not too long ago praising his IT staff for equipping him with a “three screens, synchronized to form a single desktop” office computer.

Multi-monitor user interfaces are increasingly deemed useful, if not necessary, to handle the richer data flows created by computers (The following slideshow contains samples of such systems I have collected over recent years, not a few are from Language centers).