How to organize your email by creating an Inbox rule in OWA

  1. This step-by-step GUIDE was written for filtering emails from our langlabemailer program (they happen to have “Your UNCC-LRC”  in the subject) into a separate folder so that users of the LRC keep the overview:
    1. students (longitudinally, for their language learner ePortfolios) ,
    2. but especially teachers (of classes with up to 36 students, throughout the term).
  2. But you can easily adapt the guide to any other email purpose.
    1. Including other LRC workflows based on emails: LRC resource booking also relies on OWA emails. All email sent from LRC resource mailboxes have “LRC”  at the beginning of the user name and email address.
  3. In short: Options / Create an Inbox Rule / Click “ new” / choose a type / choose keywords / choose folder to sort the email into when it arrives. Or graphically:
  4. clip_image001
  6. clip_image002
  8. clip_image003
  10. clip_image004
  12. clip_image005
  14. clip_image006
  16. clip_image007
  17. clip_image008
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