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Solved: Cannot remote desktop into 2nd Microsoft account on Windows 8

  1. MSTSC’ing from the remote computer simply fails with a non-descriptive error message.
  2. However, if you get as far as the remote computer login screen, you get a valuable hint: Your 2nd Microsoft account has not been added to the Remote Desktop Users Group (presumably this happens by default when you create your first Microsoft account). 20130326_222112
  3. To fix this, log in as admin on your Windows 8 machine (either locally or remotely with  an account which is in the Remote Desktop Users Group), windows key+f, “users”, click on “settings”, and  use the direct shortcut to “remote desktop users group” to add the user in question (with the Microsoft account email) to the permitted users group.
      1. image
  4. Adding what I believed was the local account equivalent  of the 2nd Microsoft account via desktop / windows-ley x/ “computer management” / “users and groups” to the “remote desktop users group” did not work.
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