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How to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager for computer lab access instead of having to manage faculty computers

  1. We have conflicting needs for a language technology software environment: diversity, simplicity, quality, manageability. We use of software configuration management tools like TEM. However, we are sitting between an extremely diverse user base (supporting 17 languages) in our unit and a central IT support with a diverse base of units to support.
  2. Enter MSTSC, facilitated by Remote Desktop Connection Manager: image. If your LRC allows for MSTSC access, consider providing faculty access to a LRC computers via Remote Desktop.
  3. this is for us a great time saver, compared with maintaining subsets of software on subsets of faculty computers that are as similar to the configuration of the subset software on LRC computers as possible,
  4. while for faculty at the same time a realistic test bed what it will be like to operate LRC computers  during class.
  5. We provide access to a subset (which is easily set and edited in the RDG file loaded into Remote Desktop Connection Manager, which is stored on a shared network drive so that we can update the connection files without disruption of faculty access should  there be network changes) since we teach faculty  not to log out currently logged in users when they try to connect, but rather choose another computer from the subset that is free to not. We exclude computers   used in classes where we frequently have high-stakes exams. We also have high-stakes assignments (using Respondus Lockdown browser)
  6. we put a shortcut to the Remote Desktop Connection Manager on the start menu or desktop.
  7. Our computer numbering scheme is simple enough for faculty to navigate – besides, since we connect only to the uniform LRC PC environment, it does not matter. image

More SDL Trados Online Training

  1. Need to get up to speed with SDL technologies like Trados or MultiTerm in our translation programs, or recapitulate what you learnt for a job interview? We have recommended SDL’s online training archive before.
  2. Here are some highlights form their archive for our purposes:
    1. Translators’ Introduction to SDL Trados Studio 2009: Discover the key features and benefits of SDL Trados Studio 2009 for translators.
    2. A sneak peek at SDL Trados Studio 2011: Take a sneak peek at some of the new features in SDL Trados Studio 2011 before it is released this Autumn.
    3. Discover SDL Trados Studio 2009: Learn more about translation memory technology to help your translation projects get completed faster than ever before!
    4. SDL MultiTerm 2009 for Beginners: Join us for an overview of SDL MultiTerm 2009, the latest terminology management version.
    5. Introducing SDL Passolo 2011: Discover the exciting new features within this latest release of SDL Passolo.
  3. To view these webcasts, you will need their player.