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How to run Windows Media Center during a Remote Assistance Session

  1. The /gdi switch for Windows Media Center allows for operating Windows Media Center full screen during
    1. Windows Live Messenger Remote Assistance sessions if you have to help a relative over the internet.
    2. Should also work in MSTSC Remote Desktop sessions if you manage media with Windows Media Center on your work network.
  2. You can combine the above switch e.g. with the program guide shortcut to go directly there: /homepage:VideoGuide.xml /PushStartPage:True
  3. Put the following in the “Target” field of your shortcut that you start on the remote computer (running Windows7 32-but here) during your remote assistance session:
  4. %windir%\ehome\ehshell.exe /nostartupanimation /gdi /homepage:VideoGuide.xml /PushStartPage


  5. Voilà, or rather: “Dem Inschenör ist nichts zu schwör”.
  6. wmc-gdi-remote-assistance1