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First steps with Publish or Perish citation analysis software program

  1. Here is the result for a somewhat less basic query. You can (1) merge identical results by drag and drop, (2) sort by clicking the column header – for finding more duplicates and other examinations of the result set –, with the 1st sort level being the (3) checked/unchecked status. Note that the s”results”summary conveniently aggregates only the items from the query result set that you have not unchecked:  image
  2. Common pitfalls:
    1. Do not search author names without quotation marks, here is why: image
    2. Think about including multiple versions of the author’s name, especially first name: image
  3. You can export,
    1. e.g. as CSV which you can import into MS-Excel (note that MS-Excel does not autodiscover all settings, you  have to set these:)
    2. image
    3. and convert into an Excel table, for further analysis and distribution:
    4. image

Working around problems getting ELTI course worksheet out of Report Express

2013/11/20 2 comments

Problem: I used to, but cannot anymore get the course worksheet for ELTI out of Report Express. My choices:


Result set is empty:


Course enrollment does not work either:




I am still in a position to get the full class list out of the system, but that is not what I need, and is not the course worksheet sheet just a calculation based on the



Solution: Use “international programs” as the “department”.


It seems “department”and “subject” drop downs synchronize only with the selection of “college”, but selection of “department” can be in conflict with selection of “subject” (Is this a good GUI?).

It also seems that this affects only  the “course worksheet", but not the “class list”(Huh?)

Another example: I seem to be able to get to the  Film studies course list only if I leave all other drop down to “all”..


First steps with the Sanako Study 1200 vocabulary test activity

  1. Click to watch an example below of the new (in version 6, we are now on 7) activity:”Vocabulary Test” which allows you to administer during a face-top-face-class just exactly what its name says –
  2. with these benefits:
    1. needing no paper,
    2. digital contents
      1. “can” and reuse past tests with ease
      2. TBA: can you swap target and source language?
    3. blending automated and teacher feedback:
      1. the example I give below is based on what the teacher gave me: single words and very short idiomatic expression.
      2. You can use longer phrases (I prefer teaching and studying vocabulary in context), but then it become increasingly unlikely that the automated feedback is accurate (The automated feedback is limited to exact, up to case-insensitive string matching – now distance metrics).
      3. You can override the automated feedback before sending the results back to the student. This is somewhat practical, since the submitting is fast and not all students will finish at the same time, and if you provided students with the follow up activity after submission, The teacher overriding the feedback gets unpractical in large classes, so it is recommended restricting the test to short source/target language pairs. Also be clear about or minimize punctuation and, if required, the format of other metalinguistic information  (gender, plural forms etc).
  3. Issues:
    1. not communicative, how can this be used or fitted in with other activities to make best use of a fully computerized face-to-face teaching environment?
    2. simplistic autocorrecting algorithm (case-insensitive, otherwise exact, right or wrong, my way or the highway” string matching)
    3. no tracking, no memory, personalization only via the other built-in Sanako personalization features (groups – to be left to the teacher to handle)
    4. no learning content – at least no vocabulary learning materials usable out of the box for us (TBA).

New issues with Respondus-lockdown-browser

  1. Problem description:
    1. Upon starting the quiz, Students are asked to select the right Moodle server (assuming Moodle2 is the right answer – how long will this step be necessary?) CAM01093
    2. When they are finished with the quiz, Students receive a combined “Ar required parameter is missing” (a link with “more information on this error” is offered underneath the red error message, but cannot be opened) and “Link is blocked” error CAM01087CAM01088
    3. before they reach the “SAVED” screen with the “submit all and finish”button: Meaning their attempt was not saved and since it cannot be submitted, will be lost.
    4. When logging in on a different computer,  and starting the quiz in Lockdown browser, it tells students that the attempt is in progress,
    5. upon continue, they have to start afresh (nothing has been saved).
    6. This is on version from Dec 6 , 2012.CAM01098
  2. Workaround: Restarting the quiz on a different computer has been the best workaround I have seen so far.

Summary of the LRC main classroom use in year 2012/3


(Tentative while experimenting with Calendaranalytics).

First results with MS-Calendar Analytics for learning center management

  1. You can use the controls on the right to drill into the detail by selecting one or more
    1. Aliases,
    2. Attendees,
    3. Time periods
    4. Status.
  2. The graphs on the left and in the center will automatically reflect your selection on the right.
  3. These results lead to more questions. E.g. why is this tripod so popular?
  4. calendaranalytics
  5. Lesson learnt: Now it comes back to haunt us that we block broken or MIA equipment from users attempting to book it by making it look “busy” with an 24/7 “Appointment“. However, It should however be possible to filter out such appointments, versus “meeting requests”.
  6. calendaranalytics0

First steps with MS-Calendar Analytics

2013/06/22 2 comments
  1. After installing Calendar analytics (and, if you do not already have it, PowerPivot), open the Calendaranalytics spreadsheet from your desktop and click on “Refresh Calendar”.
  2. “Enter your full email address.  Users with more than 1 email address may need to try each of them.”
  3. clip_image001
  4. clip_image002
  5. “Enter a start date and end date for the timeframes for the Dashboard to reflect”/
  6. “The interface will prompt you for the user’s aliases to add.  You can add multiple.”
  7. clip_image003
  8. “Type in users’ aliases of whom you have permission (i.e. “Full details”) to access their Outlook calendar and click Add”
  9. clip_image004
  10.  clip_image005
  11. Do not use the fully qualified email address for the alias, or else:
  12. clip_image006
  13. You cannot comma delimit  (so AutoIt to the rescue).
  14. clip_image007
  15. You can continue after such a non-fatal error:
  16. clip_image001
  17. clip_image002
  18. Is your “Update all” greyed out ? Restart Excel.
  19. clip_image003
  20. Accept the offer to upconvert:
  21. clip_image004
  22. clip_image005
  23. clip_image003
  24. Update all becoame available after restart of excel, even with download exceptions – maybe the unsaved update of the spreadsheet form powerpivot 1 was the root cause ?
  25. Not that here upconversion to the new powerpivot version does not “take”:
  26. clip_image006
  27. If after a restart of excel your powerpivot tab on the ribbon  does not show, reenable the powerpivot addin.
  28. How to reenable: excel file/ options / select dropwdown: addins, button:go, check the Checkbox  in front of powerpivot:
  29. clip_image007
  30. What if even after a restart of excel, this does not “take”?  See whether in the registry the key   CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Excel\Resiliency\DisabledItems contains the path to your powerpivot add-in,like here:
  31. clip_image008
  32. Delete the key and restart excel, your powerpivot ribbon tab =should be back. Hope this will last?
  33. clip_image009
  34. Now updating does something:
  35. clip_image010
  36. This opens the powerpivot window with the meeting data collected fro mms-exchange:
  37. clip_image011
  38. Which can be interactively: visualized in the calendaranalytics sheet
  39. clip_image012
  40. More results here.