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New issues with Respondus-lockdown-browser

  1. Problem description:
    1. Upon starting the quiz, Students are asked to select the right Moodle server (assuming Moodle2 is the right answer – how long will this step be necessary?) CAM01093
    2. When they are finished with the quiz, Students receive a combined “Ar required parameter is missing” (a link with “more information on this error” is offered underneath the red error message, but cannot be opened) and “Link is blocked” error CAM01087CAM01088
    3. before they reach the “SAVED” screen with the “submit all and finish”button: Meaning their attempt was not saved and since it cannot be submitted, will be lost.
    4. When logging in on a different computer,  and starting the quiz in Lockdown browser, it tells students that the attempt is in progress,
    5. upon continue, they have to start afresh (nothing has been saved).
    6. This is on version from Dec 6 , 2012.CAM01098
  2. Workaround: Restarting the quiz on a different computer has been the best workaround I have seen so far.
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