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How speech recognition speaking practice integrates with LRC activities for oral practice, assessment and ePortfolio

  1. My use of Windows7 Automated Speech recognition in 7 languages integrates with
  2. other LRC activities for oral practice, assessment and ePortfolio.
    1. A lower-key and more frequent homework assignment
    2. than our Kaltura student presentation webcam recordings NRBFS (using a URL shortener, as in,
    3. and with better feedback than our voice-insert recordings with Sanako mV1DR,
  3. these homework assignments prepare for in-class assessments
    1. chapter tests with textbook audio recordings z2KYtk,
    2. screencast recordings of student presentations Cmd3gQ, pair conversations l6H12, and question-response midterm/final exams ZL7DG using Sanako digital audio lab.
  4. All except Kaltura (incompatible with Mahara) also produce language learner ePortfolio pieces.

How to work around “Audio init failed” when recording in MyLanguageLab

  1. If you see this (or similar errors): image
  2. Try running the browser tune-up, image
    1. check for any new software versions (you can update Java, unfortunately only for your current session on this computer)
    2. finally run the voice recording setup wizard to check for results. image
  3. Suggest you do this before entering a homework assignment, since a timer may be keeping running while you troubleshoot

View a path to where you can start troubleshooting Pearson MyLanguageLab Wimba Voice Java

We used to do proctored LRC chapter exams using this textbook online component, but the Wimba Voice student recording tools stopped working, although a possible solution has been proposed with the problem report. This screencast  leads to an exercise where more testing (each supported browser will behave differently – this is Chrome) is possible::

Protected: LRC Clinic designs a remedial package for Germ1202 using MyLanguageLab

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Pearson mygermanlab "AUDIO INIT FAILED" for Blackboard voice/Wimba setup wizard – a firewall issue?

In Firefox, Chrome, IE8 on Win 7 (64bit) …

No other missing requirement in browser tuneup but QuickTime (which is said to be not required for PC)… And here is the likely solution from the Pearson website:

“Audio Init Failed” or “Error: Communication Error”

This error occurs because the computer’s security prevents the Wimba plug-in from sending data to our servers. Please take the steps described below to be sure that communication between your computer and our servers is always allowed.

  1. Please configure the security program or firewall on your computer to allow the file shown below (audioproxy.exe) to connect to the internet. (If you do not know how to make this change, please contact technical support for the security program you are using.)

Windows XP or 2000
C:\Documents and Settings\[Windows Username]\Application Data\HorizonWimba\JSecureDoor\audioproxy_X.Y.Z\data\audioproxy.exe

Windows Vista
C:\Users\[Windows Username]\AppData\Local\HorizonWimba\JSecureDoor\audioproxy_X.Y.Z\data\audioproxy.exe

  1. Java applets or Java Script also must be allowed by personal firewall or internet security software. Some firewalls have settings to block Java applets and Java Scripting, which will prevent Wimba Voice applets from loading.  You may need to contact technical support for that firewall or security program for assistance configuring that program to allow Java applets and Java Script.
  1. Your browser must also allow Java applets and Java Scripting.

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click Tools > Internet Options
  1. From the Internet Options window, select the Advanced tab
  1. Scroll down the list to Java(Sun) heading and make sure the box below it is checked
    Note: If you do not see Java(Sun), go Sun’s Java website at and click Free Java Download.
  2. Scroll down the list to the Security heading and make sure the box beside Allow active content to run in files on My Computer is checked
  3. Click OK

Pasted from <>

More info from the Pearson troubleshooting documentation:




How to re-enroll in MyLanguageLab/MyGermanLab in a new term in the LRC

  1. Bring:
    1. Valid Email Address
    2.  Student Access Code – packaged with your text or available standalone at the bookstore. 
    3.  Your Instructor’s Section/Course ID  ___________ (Note: The Course ID must be entered exactly as it is provided to you including typing the hyphen “-“ and using all capital letters.)
  2. Open Internet Explorer, go to

Ø  Click Sign in under “Sign in” image006


Ø  Enter the username and password you created as part of registration.   


Ø  In the new window, under Your Courses and Products select the link with the title of your required text.

Ø  Click Enroll in Course

Ø  Enter Course ID (provided by your instructor)  (Note: The Course ID must be entered exactly as it is provided to you including typing the hyphen “-“ and using all capital letters.)



Or not: IMPORTANT NOTICE for Returning Users who:

·         used a MyLanguageLabs course with your textbook in a previous semester

·         purchased 24-month access

·         received the following error after entering the Course ID you received from your instructor

If you get this error image007, go to and under Sign In click “Problems with your Course ID? Click here.”

(adapted for the LRC from How to Enroll in a New Semester Handout )

Help with MyLanguageLab recordings

  1. Taken almost straight from the BB_Voice_Troubleshooting_Guide.pdf:
  2. When using  the  Voice  Recorder,  first click the (0) blue “Record” to  load  the recorder. You may have to accept a security warning.
  3. image
  4. Then click  the  (1) red  record    buttonclip_image001
  5. IMPORTANT:  Click the (2) black STOP  clip_image001[14]  button to save your recording.   (If  you do  not click  the  stop button, your  recording  will NOT  be saved  and  your  instructor  will  not  be  able  to  hear  your voice). When you stopped, the timer in the upper right will change from showing “time remaining” to “time recorded”.
  6. Click  the  (now not grayed out, but ) green PLAY    clip_image001[8]button  to  confirm  your  voice  was  recorded. If  you  do not  hear  anything,  check your  microphone  and  the  volume  controls  on your  computer.
  7. If you wish, to re-record your voice,
    1. click the  red  record button  again.
    2. Click  YES when  asked if  you  want to Override Current Recording. clip_image001[16]
    3. Re-record  and  again click STOP. and play to Playback  your  recording.
  8. When finished,  Click Submit for Grading to submit  the recording  to your  instructor  for  review. “Authentication failed” glitch in audio recorder

Common error in IE8 when students review their test before submitting. No worries, the student recording is not lost. Still, what is the solution?