MyGermanLab shortlinks and step-by-step chapter test for GERM1201, GERM1202 classes

  1. Using Internet Explorer, go here:
  2.  Log into MyGermanLab.
  3. to open your test:
    1. Click on the assignment for today on your assignment calendar to the right: image
      1. if your test does not show as assignment in the calendar (Update for proctored make-up exam: this applies espeially to you), go to the top tab: “course materials”“. Hold the CTRL key and click on the assignment
        1. either in the list on the right or
        2. at the bottom in the list on the left.image


    1. Enter the password that you will be given during the exam in the LRC: image, hold the CTRL key and click button: “OK”.
    2. Click  button: “start”. image
    3. Click through the pages until it tells you you have “submitted” the test.
  4. to handle multimedia:
    1. Use the headsets hanging behind the screens for questions that require listening/speaking.
    2. When you load the audio player or audio recorder, you will see  a dialogue like these, click button: ”Run” or “Trust”:mylanguagelab-certificate-blackboard-wimba-20121010_110002image
    3. There is a step-by-step guide on how to record here.
    4. If you get an error for the audio recorder saying “Authentication failed”, keep calm and carry on, your recording is not lost, you only cannot review it anymore: mylanguagelab-blackboard-wimba-authentication-failed
    5. If you have a question, do not disturb others. Rather put your headsets on and get in the queue by clicking button: “Call” in this  window image. Your call will be answered shortly.
  5. Please be advised that this exam is
    1. proctored and that your screen can be seen by the proctor at any time.
    2. randomized, so that your neighbors’ screen will most likely display your current test question at a quite different time.
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