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Help with MyLanguageLab recordings

  1. Taken almost straight from the BB_Voice_Troubleshooting_Guide.pdf:
  2. When using  the  Voice  Recorder,  first click the (0) blue “Record” to  load  the recorder. You may have to accept a security warning.
  3. image
  4. Then click  the  (1) red  record    buttonclip_image001
  5. IMPORTANT:  Click the (2) black STOP  clip_image001[14]  button to save your recording.   (If  you do  not click  the  stop button, your  recording  will NOT  be saved  and  your  instructor  will  not  be  able  to  hear  your voice). When you stopped, the timer in the upper right will change from showing “time remaining” to “time recorded”.
  6. Click  the  (now not grayed out, but ) green PLAY    clip_image001[8]button  to  confirm  your  voice  was  recorded. If  you  do not  hear  anything,  check your  microphone  and  the  volume  controls  on your  computer.
  7. If you wish, to re-record your voice,
    1. click the  red  record button  again.
    2. Click  YES when  asked if  you  want to Override Current Recording. clip_image001[16]
    3. Re-record  and  again click STOP. and play to Playback  your  recording.
  8. When finished,  Click Submit for Grading to submit  the recording  to your  instructor  for  review.
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