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Protected: LRC Language Teaching with Technology Faculty Showcase Spring 2013

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Which browser and operating system we could get which Moodle Kaltura webcam assignments to work in

Below please find our current (work in progress) test matrix. Use one of the combinations that worked (“YES”) to avoid problems when taking or grading webcam assignments (or come to the LRC where we set up a working combination). You can view your version of the Kaltura video player and of Adobe Flash by right-clicking on the Kaltura video window.

Kaltura Webcam assignment GRMN1201 example


Delete the Flash Global Settings if the iMacs webcam displays black frame only

  1. Problem: Safari and (not recommended after last testing round) Firefox both hung on iMAC6 when a student tried to do a Moodle Kaltura Webcam assignment and got to the built-in ISight camera display page.
  2. Cause: maybe a Flash security problem accessing the web cam? maybe security dialogue was not answered by the student correctly earlier, and the “preference”stored in her account?
    1. Solution (presumably): System started working again after I deleted the Flash Global settings, by right-clicking on the webcam video preview window like so: CIMG0020
  3. imageimage

  4. Ceterum censeo that we need a computer management infrastructure if we want to use MACs for language learning technology. Faronics-Deepfreeze would have prevented this problem, provided we have a software imaging system (CASPER coming up apparently) that can let us start with a usable image, and the staff time to learn and configure 2 usable OS images and dual usable computer management infrastructures. TCO now > TCO dual OS infrastructure > TCO web cams for 45 PCs. 

How students upload a video file to Moodle using Kaltura

  1. My closest related instruction so far has been for teachers, and the CTL also seems to have only instructions for how teachers upload videos for students. However, instructions for students are very similar, follow these steps:
  2. Open the kaltura assignment and click “Add video submission”:clip_image001
  3. Under left tab “Upload”, Click “Browse”:  clip_image002
  4. Browse to your video file (note the “files of type”allow only the upload of certain extensions) and  click “Open”: clip_image004
  5.   Click “Upload”clip_image005
  6. Wait for the upload to complete: clip_image006
  7.   Click “Next” :clip_image007
  8.   Add at least a “title”, and fix any errors you might get:  clip_image009
  9. Click “Next”: clip_image011
  10.   Click “Submit”: clip_image012
  11. Look for the success message: clip_image013
  12. You will have to wait for the video preview to become available:clip_image014
  13. If you refresh the page, the wait time gets updated, take the amount with a grain of salt.  Here I could already view… image
  14. Be aware that your video resolution will likely be downscaled (my 1280*1024 screencast in this example ended up pretty grainy).

Summer 2012 Learning materials creation clinic for preparing oral assessments/assignments

1.     I am holding a “Clinic”, open to anybody who needs help with preparing their classes using oral assessments/assignments in the LRC this fall term – RVSP if interested.

2.     This clinic focuses on material creation for delivery in upcoming specific courses – based on, but different from  my faculty workshops on this topics, If you have not attended, please view the below links for what was covered in the workshops






1.       Materials creation

    1. with SANAKO

                                                             i.      make teacher  audio recording  for model-imitation/question-response oral exam:

                                                            ii.      Make teacher recording ( for model imitation with voice insert (like reading practice homework assignment, ):

    1. with Moodle

                                                              i.      Moodle Kaltura webcam recording assignment:

                                                            ii.      Prepare Moodle metacourses learning materials upload: and

    1. with PowerPoint (visual speaking cues with timers):
    2. Materials delivery with SANAKO
    3. remote control student pcs, collaborate over headphones:
    4. pairing students’ audio using headphones:
  1. You must bring some assessment ideas that fit into your skills course which we will turn into audio recordings. You can also bring prerecorded audio files from textbooks as mp3 which we can edit to turn them into materials. If you would like some examples of what colleagues have done
    1. With Moodle Kaltura:
    2. With Sanako oral (formative) assessments/(outcome) exams:  please email me, I make accessible to you samples that we do not publish to preserve exam integrity.


How to do successful Moodle-Kaltura webcam recording assignments

Kaltura turned out to have a number of limitations, and we have some of our own in the LRC. Both required some debugging and finding of workarounds, which you can benefit of if you follow carefully our step-by-step guides for teachers or for students.