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How a teacher creates and grades a Moodle streaming video assignment.

  1. Click button: “Turn editing on”, from the “add an activity dropdown, choose: “video”, like so:  dropwdown-activity
  2. Edit your assignment, like so: kaltura-submission-notification0
    1. using the following options (or else expect problems)
      1. Due date: not DISABLED (is the default)
      2. Prevent late submissions: YES (is not the default)
      3. Allow resubmitting: NO (is the default)
  3. after you post your assignment and your students took it, like so,
  4. and if you turned notifications (not recommended; rather grade the assignment well after the deadline, or else expect problems) on (if you get already enough email, remember you can turn notifications off, rather send a deadline to the assignments which the students can see in their calendar, and until they get used to it, tell them there will be more video assignments, best: make it a routine and leave  2 for extra credit could be enough to get everybody to catch), you will get an email like this: kaltura-submission-notification
  5. where you click either on the  link (1) to go to the assignment, then click through to the submissions (3) kaltura-submission-notification1
  6. or on (2) to go directly to the grade book:   kaltura-submission-notification2
  7. where you are best advised to click on the button: “grade” to view the  video submission, , or else you might run into this bug.
  8. In the grading windowkaltura-submission-notification4play the video, add helpful comments, if any, add final Grade and click “save and next” (but click “next” if no video submitted yet and you grade before the submission deadline. Better: do not grade before the submission deadline).
  9. If video seems unwilling to play (frozen frame), drag the play cursor forward on the timeline underneath the video. kaltura-timeline-drag-me  If this does not unfreeze the video, let the timeline run to the end (both workarounds have helped  with Kaltura issues we encountered here).
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