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How you can view the computer screens of your class using Sanako Study 1200

  1. Here is a 2.5 minute screencast showing off the different ways how you can view your students’ screens using the Sanako Study 1200, .
  2. from smallest to biggest, all accessible form the button:”screensharing
    1. first thumbnails
    2. then thumbnails in extra window
    3. finally autoscan 
  3. There will always be tradeoff on the teacher computer between size of individual student screen and overview over class.
    1. for as long as the teacher screen resolution is nowhere near the combined sizes of the student screen resolution;
    2. having the same screen resolution is also desirable, for projecting the teacher screen to the students; multi-monitor teacher stations are a nice compromise.
  4. However, as you can see in the screencast, there a number of nice options that make switching between large size and overview (drilling in and moving back out) easy.
    1. The newer versions of the Sanako (here 5.2) allow you to choose many different student screen sizes.
    2. The newest version of the Sanako (5.4) also allows to fit many students screens on a teacher screen by implementing by letting the teacher scroll through the classroom layout).
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