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Delete the Flash Global Settings if the iMacs webcam displays black frame only

  1. Problem: Safari and (not recommended after last testing round) Firefox both hung on iMAC6 when a student tried to do a Moodle Kaltura Webcam assignment and got to the built-in ISight camera display page.
  2. Cause: maybe a Flash security problem accessing the web cam? maybe security dialogue was not answered by the student correctly earlier, and the “preference”stored in her account?
    1. Solution (presumably): System started working again after I deleted the Flash Global settings, by right-clicking on the webcam video preview window like so: CIMG0020
  3. imageimage

  4. Ceterum censeo that we need a computer management infrastructure if we want to use MACs for language learning technology. Faronics-Deepfreeze would have prevented this problem, provided we have a software imaging system (CASPER coming up apparently) that can let us start with a usable image, and the staff time to learn and configure 2 usable OS images and dual usable computer management infrastructures. TCO now > TCO dual OS infrastructure > TCO web cams for 45 PCs. 

Moodle: Video Assignment

Kaltura has been integrated into our Moodle system to enable video upload as an assignment type. Teachers  can upload videos already now. It seems that students will be able to upload videos starting with the fall term.

Video source can be a webcam which could be interesting for language proficiency assessment, including – if the pieces can be gotten out of Moodle and into an ePortfolio  system – to demonstrate longitudinal progression in proficiency.

The videos get stored on the Kaltura servers and redelivered in form of a Flash plug-in – in between happens a  transcoding so that results are not available immediately. You can see us waiting for it at the end of this Kaltura video assignment upload screencast demo:

UNCC showed off our use of Kaltura at Educause 2011. You can see example applications quoted in the attached Kaltura use slide deck.

Finally, here is a test and walk-through of an elementary language course homework assignment using Kaltura.