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Protected: Are oral exams failing since language students have not been given write access to the Sanako share?

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Protected: Website error documentation

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Layout of the Language Resource Center (LRC)

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The numbers in the layout correspond to the numbers we posted (to facilitate teacher and student orientation and to aid in LRC temp staff troubleshooting)  on the computer monitors and also (for IT staff) to the number part of the underlying computer names which can also be displayed in the classroom management systems NetOP School and Sanako Study 1200 on the teacher computer (32).

LRC website migration from WordPress to Drupal


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Deepfreeze rebooting the lab computers again during use

  1. I have been told that Deepfreeze will reboot lab computers (hourly?) only when they are idle (on login screen).
  2. However,  I have observed the unsolicited reboot also when trying to work with these computers.
  3. Today, I had both lab computers that I was working on with the Sanako , reboot in the middle of my testing, with the 1 minute warning dialogue. CAM04314
  4. Will pressing “cancel” prevent this, especially during high-stakes writing and speaking  assessments with the Sanako? What if the users misses it (we sometimes deliberately have the screens blocked/blacked out during parts of classes).

Why not streaming audio from teacher to students in the Sanako is a poor workaround

  1. We lost streaming capabilities with upgrade to Sanako Version 7 – still investigating how we can get them back, for the workaround is not working well: Now class activities fail because of permission issues that we did not have when we still were able to stream.
  2. Below is the result of an attempt today to play a listening comprehension activity to students for a TOEFL list mock exam with a student that has regular SANAKO permissions, but not the ones to download from this file location (would need to redo the permissions if we keep streaming).

View a path to where you can start troubleshooting Pearson MyLanguageLab Wimba Voice Java

We used to do proctored LRC chapter exams using this textbook online component, but the Wimba Voice student recording tools stopped working, although a possible solution has been proposed with the problem report. This screencast  leads to an exercise where more testing (each supported browser will behave differently – this is Chrome) is possible::