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LRC Clinic on Video: In PowerPoint, embed from file or web

Current LRC equipment circulation training for Film students (pre-Office365)

Current LRC training for Student Assistants

Demo of Puntos de partida on the McGraw-Hill Connect online platform for Hybrid Spanish teachers

  1. For your review:
  2. Highlights:
    1. Learnsmart: adaptive learning content that asks for and tracks for the teacher and adapts for the student to students metacognitive confidence about her knowledge before testing it
    2. In a flipped classroom setting, highest failure areas in the online learning results can be easily seen by the teacher to adapt the next class meeting.

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Fall 2012 Faculty Workshop II: Clinic on creating teaching materials for use with the Sanako

      1. (Being planned and scheduled, therefore this post is a work in progress, please stay tuned: ).
      2. As a continuation (and practical application ) of our previous Intermediate Sanako Teaching Techniques Workshop (and a repetition of our Learning material creation Clinic from the summer), we will create learning materials.
      3. Bring some ideas and materials. The Sanako and entire LRC infrastructure aims to lower the technical authoring requirements.
        1. We can record remotely, all authoring teachers at the same time, your source (model/question material) which you will be able to distribute as easily (“ loop induction”)  from the Sanako teacher station. Bring some questions your students should be able to respond to in L2, and be prepared to read some text that you want them to repeat, for pronunciation practive
        2. We can author hand-outs for so-called “homework” (actually reading and writing, with supervision and collection by the teacher as easy as the handout): It just takes opening one of our customized LRC MS-Word templates. I will hand out (more loop induction) “homework” files to aid your work. Bring some texts and essay writing tasks
        3. PowerPoint exam files with visual cues: bring some ideas for vocabulary quizzes.

Fall 2012 Faculty Workshop I: Intermediate Sanako Teaching Techniques

  1. (Being planned and scheduled, therefore this post is a work in progress, please stay tuned: ).
  2. Using the Sanako classroom management system for training (“loop induction”),
  3. we will present learning usage models, based on the work done by our language teachers in the LRC Sanako this term.
  4. We will then provide you with hands-on practice how you can do the same with the Sanako system.
  5. This will hopefully give you some ideas for for writing LRC visits into your face-to-face teaching syllabus next term.
  6. To facilitate this, we will continue with a follow-up Workshop II: Clinic, where we will help you prepare your Sanako-based learning materials for next term.
  7. You can review our past Sanako Workshops (online screencast).

Summer 2012 Learning materials creation clinic for preparing oral assessments/assignments

1.     I am holding a “Clinic”, open to anybody who needs help with preparing their classes using oral assessments/assignments in the LRC this fall term – RVSP if interested.

2.     This clinic focuses on material creation for delivery in upcoming specific courses – based on, but different from  my faculty workshops on this topics, If you have not attended, please view the below links for what was covered in the workshops






1.       Materials creation

    1. with SANAKO

                                                             i.      make teacher  audio recording  for model-imitation/question-response oral exam:

                                                            ii.      Make teacher recording ( for model imitation with voice insert (like reading practice homework assignment, ):

    1. with Moodle

                                                              i.      Moodle Kaltura webcam recording assignment:

                                                            ii.      Prepare Moodle metacourses learning materials upload: and

    1. with PowerPoint (visual speaking cues with timers):
    2. Materials delivery with SANAKO
    3. remote control student pcs, collaborate over headphones:
    4. pairing students’ audio using headphones:
  1. You must bring some assessment ideas that fit into your skills course which we will turn into audio recordings. You can also bring prerecorded audio files from textbooks as mp3 which we can edit to turn them into materials. If you would like some examples of what colleagues have done
    1. With Moodle Kaltura:
    2. With Sanako oral (formative) assessments/(outcome) exams:  please email me, I make accessible to you samples that we do not publish to preserve exam integrity.