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How teachers find their Sanako files – once they are in the right network share folder

  1. The beginning of the folder name with your recordings corresponds to the date/ time the exam was collected (some translation required – the date time appears in this special format yyyy-MM-dd  hh_mm) so that the folders can also be easily sorted by name, see below).
  2. image
  3. When viewing the folder, click on the column headers to sort by name (sorting by date also often works): image
  4. If you forgot when you held your exam: The exam appointment is not only in the LRC room calendar (which can get busy and takes some prior setup to be searchable), but in your own NINERMAIL calendar, so that you can check there also: clip_image003
  5. We recommend that the exams (unlike the system tests (“nametests”)  which can be collected using the computer name as filename) be collected using the student username as recording filename, you can also search the student folder for students with your username: clip_image004
  6. We also recommend that you add a memorable (to you) tag to the folder name when collecting (in this case “level2 speaking exam1”) to make it easier for you to retrieve your assessments. The best tags in this world of computers helping us find things seem to be long unique strings (think of twitter hashtags).
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