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How teachers find their Sanako materials – even from home

  1. The best way (from your office)  I described here and support, for lack of any other possibilities, by getting you the desktop shortcuts and Sanako student recorder.
  2. Other ways are supported by whatever home connection to network shares ITS supports:
    1. The myfiles portal: https://myfiles.uncc.edu
      1. how the sanako looks like in DriveS DVOL1  COAS  LCS  LRC  UNCC myfiles portal
      2. You can use the folders listed in here,
        1. except you have to translate “S:” into (1) “DVOL1”.
        2. Rest  stays the same (2).
      3. Cons’:
        1. Slower network
        2. You cannot easily save back after comment on your students audio or text (but give it a shot).
    2. VPN
      1. which I test and explain here in detail,
      2. Pro’s: it is a better experience
        1. instead of it  requiring you to do yet another path translation, you can simply click here;
        2. you can (batch) open and save files (maintaining ownership) like on your office PC (no extra upload and download operations required, and no need to manually route files to students)
      3. Con’s:  Slower network.
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