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One can connect to the SANAKO files from home via VPN…

  1. …, I found when testing  (on Window 7) here, but there are some prerequisites:
  2. You need VPN:
    1. install  the UNCC preconfigured Cisco VPN (once), possibly troubleshoot (supported by IT Service Desk for Faculty/Staff),
    2. start the client: image
    3. log in with your UNCC account: image
  3. Use my shortcuts: goo.gl/yqR18 to the Sanako folders.
    1. Even after logging in, I  needed to reissue my UNCC network credentials.  Use this format: unccharlotte-nt\your-username-here, check “remember"): image
    2. Then you can browse: image and arrive : image almost like in the office.
  4. Make sure you stay connected: image, not disconnected: image
  5. Live with any (temporary) side effects and conflicts
    1. I seem to remember I lost my internet during VPN, this may have been fixed).
    2. Drive lettering: not for me image, YMMV.
    3. Even more security warnings on Adobe Acrobat: image, image
  6. But you can get to your files eventually: image .
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