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How to bypass error 442 when trying to connect to your office network with Cisco VPN Client 5 from Windows 8

  1. Problem: image
  2. Solution:
    1. in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CVirtA]
      "DisplayName"="@oem25.inf,%CVirtA_Desc%;Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows"
    2. remove: “@oem25.inf,%CVirtA_Desc%;”.
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How to get access to the LRC Sanako (teacher materials, student recordings) from your office or home PC

2013/05/15 1 comment
  1. Run the Sanako Installer (first meant for faculty offices only, but now faculty also want to have access from home, so I added that functionality).
  2. On your office and or home PC, you get a folder “SANAKO” on your desktop.  This folder will contain all you need to access student assessments from past classes or upload learning materials for future classes:
    1. In the officeimage: It is sufficient  to click the additional “UNCC…” links at the bottom of the list .
    2. At home: image
      1. Click “1st connect…” and log into the campus.
      2. Click “How teachers find…”, log in with the blog password, open the PDF, click  the links in the PDF to the Sanako off-campus folders, log in again with the network credentials as shown in the PDF (sigh…).
      3. EXAMPLE: Here you can see on a faculty home PC:
        1. the sanako recorder and campus connector: image
        2. the SANAKO desktop folder shortcuts: image
          1. You get the Word templates only if you can use them (have WORD installed –  remember you can install MS-Office with your free faculty license from here).
          2. (No, you won’t get the “UNCC…”shortcuts at home, we simplified since.)
      4. Both office and home:
        1. Drag any audio  files into the Sanako study recorder window (further reading on why the Sanako study recorder is useful for teachers).
        2. Need to record? configure your microphone in Sanako study recorder, menu Tools.

One can connect to the SANAKO files from home via VPN…

  1. …, I found when testing  (on Window 7) here, but there are some prerequisites:
  2. You need VPN:
    1. install  the UNCC preconfigured Cisco VPN (once), possibly troubleshoot (supported by IT Service Desk for Faculty/Staff),
    2. start the client: image
    3. log in with your UNCC account: image
  3. Use my shortcuts: to the Sanako folders.
    1. Even after logging in, I  needed to reissue my UNCC network credentials.  Use this format: unccharlotte-nt\your-username-here, check “remember"): image
    2. Then you can browse: image and arrive : image almost like in the office.
  4. Make sure you stay connected: image, not disconnected: image
  5. Live with any (temporary) side effects and conflicts
    1. I seem to remember I lost my internet during VPN, this may have been fixed).
    2. Drive lettering: not for me image, YMMV.
    3. Even more security warnings on Adobe Acrobat: image, image
  6. But you can get to your files eventually: image .