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First steps with Publish or Perish citation analysis software program

  1. Here is the result for a somewhat less basic query. You can (1) merge identical results by drag and drop, (2) sort by clicking the column header – for finding more duplicates and other examinations of the result set –, with the 1st sort level being the (3) checked/unchecked status. Note that the s”results”summary conveniently aggregates only the items from the query result set that you have not unchecked:  image
  2. Common pitfalls:
    1. Do not search author names without quotation marks, here is why: image
    2. Think about including multiple versions of the author’s name, especially first name: image
  3. You can export,
    1. e.g. as CSV which you can import into MS-Excel (note that MS-Excel does not autodiscover all settings, you  have to set these:)
    2. image
    3. and convert into an Excel table, for further analysis and distribution:
    4. image
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