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MS-OneDrive “Get link” incompatible with MS-Word “Always create backup copy”, use MS-OneDrive versioning instead

  1. Symptoms:
    1. If I edit my local MS-OneDrive copy with MS-Word, my collaborators lose access to the most recent copy via the link I shared with them.
    2. Worse, the new file MS-Word generates when the backup is created, won’t get automatically synched with MS-OneDrive, and no sync error seems to get flagged in Explorer.
  2. Root cause (presumably):
    1. When saving in MS-Word, I can see my focus moving to the backup fileclip_image001
    2. MS-Word, when creating a backup of the original file, actually rather creates a “fore-up”: The original file gets renamed (“Backup of…”) and the recent changes get copied into a new file.
    3. The MS-OneDrive link keeps pointing to the old file “Backup of…”, “when after (which one can see normally, if the user renames a file manually, is a desirable feature)
    4. Workaround: I managed to manually upload the files that got out off synch.
  3. Solution:
    1. Turn MS-Word backup off, it is not compatible with MS-OneDrive under File / Options /Advanced / section: Save: clip_image002
    2. Rather, rely on the MS-OneDrive versioning.