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Bringing method documentation back into synch by using Textpad command line to jump to GrepWin matched line in file

  1. Objective: is checking, in one simple result window, multi-line matches of method signatures and their Doxygen comments from a multi-module, multi-directory C++ codebase, in order to spot  inconsistencies, i.e. where code and documentation  are out f synch: image
  2. image
  3. All this short of having to write a Parser or buying a tool like Atomineer Pro Documentation  (which does look like it is “right on the money”, but, as it turned out to my surprise, also far short of getting this to work in Eclipse or on a Bash command line with Grep and Perl, ack  (doesn’t do multi-line matches!), ag, or what-not.  grepWin is free, has an easy-to-use, versatile interface, and proves, once again, to be a powerful little tool.
  4. A a sample (in reality not cut off, of course), 2 methods with their comments showing here: image
  5. And I am only a click away from correcting errors I spot in my preferred editor that grepWin  can link in “Settings””C:\Program Files (x86)\TextPad 7\TextPad.exe” %path%(%line%,0)
  6. image
  7. Some grepWin quirk I do not understand:
    1. Why does the “Search” button do nothing when I select radio button “Regex” instead of “Text Search”, but does the expected regex match against file and directory name when I select the latter? image

How to identify graded participants in Moodle Course Activity Reports using Vlookup

  1. Having a chart of full names, Moodle id # and usernames would be useful (e.g. for debugging with the Activity Reports that in some cases do not resolve Moodle id# so Excel vlookup has to rescue the day once again…)
  2. The Moodle “Participants” affords the instructor a convenient list, with paging, sort, filter (by role), and different detail-level views.
  3. However, the overview does link course and student id #, but not institutional username while the detail view contain the username as part of the email, but is not truly tabular (consists of an array of tables, each containing one user; at least you can avoid the paging).
  4. Enter grepwin to extract the emails:


  5. and copy paste them into the Excel created from the tabular overview:
  6. lookupIs there an easier way?

Tools for Search-Replace text with Regular Expression on Windows

Just a quick thumbs up for a free tool:

To examine licensing files, I am looking for a tool that can massage the computer-readable file (no XML) into a friendlier format (that can be imported into Excel).

The regular needed to achieve that I too complex for TextPad or MS-Word.

Other tools I have used have not been updated in a long ime (RegEx Workbench).

Grep for Windows? I have just revitalized my cygwin installation, but would like something a little more user-friendly, with a GUI .

That also rules out PowerShell’s 2.0 Select-String.

PowerGrep, as recommended on stackoverflow, looks nice, but is not free.

inforapid-searchreplacer looks not bad, but I went for grepWin, which got the job done quickly and nicely:

Click Button “Test” to preview results:


Click Button “Search” to file the matching files list:


Limitations of GrepWin: Is there a size limit in the test regex text input field – here is how my test text got truncated: