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Tools for Search-Replace text with Regular Expression on Windows

Just a quick thumbs up for a free tool:

To examine licensing files, I am looking for a tool that can massage the computer-readable file (no XML) into a friendlier format (that can be imported into Excel).

The regular needed to achieve that I too complex for TextPad or MS-Word.

Other tools I have used have not been updated in a long ime (RegEx Workbench).

Grep for Windows? I have just revitalized my cygwin installation, but would like something a little more user-friendly, with a GUI .

That also rules out PowerShell’s 2.0 Select-String.

PowerGrep, as recommended on stackoverflow, looks nice, but is not free.

inforapid-searchreplacer looks not bad, but I went for grepWin, which got the job done quickly and nicely:

Click Button “Test” to preview results:


Click Button “Search” to file the matching files list:


Limitations of GrepWin: Is there a size limit in the test regex text input field – here is how my test text got truncated: