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Pearson mygermanlab "AUDIO INIT FAILED" for Blackboard voice/Wimba setup wizard – a firewall issue?

In Firefox, Chrome, IE8 on Win 7 (64bit) …

No other missing requirement in browser tuneup but QuickTime (which is said to be not required for PC)… And here is the likely solution from the Pearson website:

“Audio Init Failed” or “Error: Communication Error”

This error occurs because the computer’s security prevents the Wimba plug-in from sending data to our servers. Please take the steps described below to be sure that communication between your computer and our servers is always allowed.

  1. Please configure the security program or firewall on your computer to allow the file shown below (audioproxy.exe) to connect to the internet. (If you do not know how to make this change, please contact technical support for the security program you are using.)

Windows XP or 2000
C:\Documents and Settings\[Windows Username]\Application Data\HorizonWimba\JSecureDoor\audioproxy_X.Y.Z\data\audioproxy.exe

Windows Vista
C:\Users\[Windows Username]\AppData\Local\HorizonWimba\JSecureDoor\audioproxy_X.Y.Z\data\audioproxy.exe

  1. Java applets or Java Script also must be allowed by personal firewall or internet security software. Some firewalls have settings to block Java applets and Java Scripting, which will prevent Wimba Voice applets from loading.  You may need to contact technical support for that firewall or security program for assistance configuring that program to allow Java applets and Java Script.
  1. Your browser must also allow Java applets and Java Scripting.

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click Tools > Internet Options
  1. From the Internet Options window, select the Advanced tab
  1. Scroll down the list to Java(Sun) heading and make sure the box below it is checked
    Note: If you do not see Java(Sun), go Sun’s Java website at and click Free Java Download.
  2. Scroll down the list to the Security heading and make sure the box beside Allow active content to run in files on My Computer is checked
  3. Click OK

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More info from the Pearson troubleshooting documentation:




Fall2013 LRC room booking and equipment circulation improvements

  1. We had a lot of problems over the last 2 years with students, unlike faculty and staff, not getting automated accepted/declined responses to their resource booking requests. This seems now finally a thing of the past:
  2. resource booking attendant reponds to students
  3. In addition to automated responses in cases of policy violations or booking conflicts, we meant to automatically enforce policies that restrict booking of certain resources to certain groups. While groups still need to be maintained manually, this is now possible (and being implemented first for film studies and film club students that have exclusive rights to our film equipment). And here is what it will look like: “You don’t have permission to book this resource”. Don’t hand out equipment to clients who got this response. resource booking attendant declines per user you dont have permission to book this resource
    1. Now onto the next problem:  about seeing those responses from within in meeting request in OWA? (works in Outlook Desktop, but that does not help us at the reception desk).

Freely downloadable samples from the IPA Phonetics Handbook

  1. This handbook provides audio pronunciation samples (in WAV) for many different languages. While they are more useful in conjunction with the book, they also can be searched by filename (= the pronounced word in English translation).
  2. We make these file accessible in the LRC on the Sanako share (S:\COAS\LCS\LRC\media\TUTOR\phonetics\ipa-phonetics-handbook\). Here are the languages included:.
    1. American-English
    2. Amharic
    3. Arabic
    4. Bulgarian
    5. Cantonese
    6. Catalan
    7. Croatian
    8. Czech
    9. Dutch
    10. French
    11. Galician
    12. German
    13. Hausa
    14. Hebrew
    15. Hindi
    16. Hungarian
    17. Igbo
    18. Irish
    19. Japanese
    20. Korean
    21. Persian
    22. Portuguese
    23. Sindhi
    24. Slovene
    25. Swedish
    26. Thai
    27. Turkish

Protected: “Student audio is not available”, Teacher can not hear students

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Protected: McGraw-Hill Connect Online Textbook Teacher Links

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Sanako Study Tutor may crash if teacher lacks file share permissions

  1. Problem: On start of the Sanako tutor 7 (have not seen this in earlier versions, although I have seen many teachers w/o Sanako share permissions), you may immediately be confronted with this NULLREFERENCEEXCEPTION: CAM00138
  2. presumably f you have this (a teacher w/o permissions to the Sanako share):
  3. CAM00139
  4. CAM00140
  5. Workaround: Somebody with file share permissions log in instead.
  6. Solution: Get permissions set up automatically for all classes, including short term.

Protected: Why requiring manual configuration of the Sanako by students does not work for us

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