Fall2013 LRC room booking and equipment circulation improvements

  1. We had a lot of problems over the last 2 years with students, unlike faculty and staff, not getting automated accepted/declined responses to their resource booking requests. This seems now finally a thing of the past:
  2. resource booking attendant reponds to students
  3. In addition to automated responses in cases of policy violations or booking conflicts, we meant to automatically enforce policies that restrict booking of certain resources to certain groups. While groups still need to be maintained manually, this is now possible (and being implemented first for film studies and film club students that have exclusive rights to our film equipment). And here is what it will look like: “You don’t have permission to book this resource”. Don’t hand out equipment to clients who got this response. resource booking attendant declines per user you dont have permission to book this resource
    1. Now onto the next problem:  about seeing those responses from within in meeting request in OWA? (works in Outlook Desktop, but that does not help us at the reception desk).
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