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Sanako Light Recorder insert recording has no teacher track audio, but voice graph?

  1. UPDATE: We reinstalled and this time made sure we restarted the system, and voice-insert is working fine now.
  2. We are trying to introduce having teachers using the Sanako voice-insert feature to issue spoken feedback into student assessment recordings, since the Sanako Recorder makes voice-insert as easy as
    1. the (repeated) click of red “speak” button
    2. and a “save as” (default format MFF preferred).
  3. On a teacher computer, we recorded and saved as
    1. either MFF (fast for the teacher to save; we were hoping to have the students download the free Sanako light recorder to be able to play this format;
    2. or WMA.
  4. We tested playing back, and hear the student original audio recording, but could not hear the teacher insertion, no matter whether we tried
    1. in the Sanako light recorder
    2. or in Windows Media Player.
  5. Because of the proprietary formats, it is a bit difficult to troubleshoot this. Audacity won’t open either audio format.
  6. In the Sanako light recorder, we can see the audio inserted in the 2nd track (lower) in the voice graph: sanako light recorder no insert audio on 1 (2)sanako light recorder no insert audio on 1
  7. Is this a licensing restriction? No, even the free light recorder can do this. See here for the installation options to choose when running the studentrecorder.exe on the teacher computer.
  8. Investigating… Update:
    1. Must be demonstration effect, as voice insert works fine on my office computer, as expected and it had before.
    2. Will try the usual suspects when getting my hands on this computer again (refresh, restart, reinstall, replace hardware…)…
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