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How to fix inability to open notebook from web in MS-OneNote

  1. A lot of people  seem to experience this problem, where the menu item “Open in OneNote” in the OneNote webapp results in the error: “To open this notebook your computer must be running a supported version of Microsoft OneNote and a browser that supports opening files directly from the Office Web Apps.”
  2. Here is what seems to have solved it for me (it only started to work when owssupp.dll was reinstalled. However, some of the earlier steps may also be necessary, notably adding to the “trusted sites”).
  3. To open from OneNote desktop, as opposed to form the webapp, I tried to find out the URL of OneNote notebook
    1. Easiest way is subtracting the edit.aspx portion from the OneNote webapp URL you are viewing.
    2. Or if you can open the notebook on a different computer in OneNote, right-click on the notebook in the left tree and choose properties, or hover over one of its section headers above it to read the tooltip). image
    3. Then in OneNote on the offending computer, menu:file/open/ instead of browsing, paste the URL. This failed without providing any feedback: image
  4. Then I tried following the tips under the link “troubleshooting” in the error message.
    1. However, Firefox had the office plugin already enabled:
    2. I made sure you I was not  not running Internet Explorer  IE 64-bit.
    3. In IE 32-bit: Enable the SharePoint OpenDocuments Class add-on in “Tools”/”Manage Add-ons”: Display the list of add-ons, Dropdown “Show” / “All add-ons” / SharePoint OpenDocuments Class, “Enable”, this had also already been the case. image
    4. I added in IE trusted sites (these were missing – did it matter?): Tools / Internet Options./ Security / Trusted sites/ Level needs to be lower than High, Sites, Add this website to this zone box, added liv e.com and live.net (IE adds the asterisk) : image
  5. I then followed the MS Answers forum instructions to reinstall MS-Office, or rather remove and reenable the owssupp.dll:
    1. before: image, then rename extension to “old”.
    2. In control panel / programs and features / office 2010 professional plus / configure /  office tools / Microsoft SharePoint Foundation support, run from my computer, to re-add the SharePoint plugin: image
    3. after: image
    4. Voilà: Now I could open in OneNote from OneNote webapp: image
  6. Here is wishing that this were easier.., but now I can also open from OneNote / File / Open, and give the URL on live.net (giving  the URL does not open directly, I have to press  open again to open the OpenNotebook.onetoc2): image
  1. Dave-Paul
    2014/02/07 at 04:07

    You can just go to your online Skydrive in the browser, click the folder documents, then click right on an notebook and click ‘open in OneNote’. Simple as it is.

    • 2014/02/11 at 13:20

      Thanks, I will try that next time.

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