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Reports that Messenger cannot initiate a video call?

I can initiate from Windows 7 to XP, back and forth, as the following screenshots attest to (they also show my version #).


Might reports be related to the fact that, on June 14, Microsoft has made it compulsory for all Windows Live Essentials 2009 users to update to the latest version, Windows Live Essentials 2011 QFE3 update, bumping the version number up to 15.4.3555.0308 (which is what I already have on Windows 7, but not on XP which cannot run Windows Live Essentials 2011, but Vista does)?

Here is a troubleshooting list from Microsoft Answers:

“repair your Windows Live Programs.

1. Click Start, select Control Panel.
2. View by: Category.
3. Under Programs, click Uninstall a program.
4. Select Windows Live Essentials, then click Uninstall/Change.
5. Click Repair all Windows Live Programs.

1. Ensure that the webcam driver is up to date.

2. Run Audio/Video Setup Wizard.

a. Start Windows Live Messenger

b. Click Tools, and then click Audio and Video Setup.  (Press Alt on the keyboard to get the Menu bar) Note: For Windows Live Messenger 2011, select Set up audio and video devices.

c. Follow the directions in the wizard to select and configure the audio and video devices

Note: If you encounter an error and you have a McAfee Site Advisor, please refer to our related article below: Unable to Initiate a Video Call or Video Conversation in Windows Live Messenger

3. Remove Third Party Applications or Add-ons. – if you installed any.

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