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How to workaround SkyDrive embed codes not working WordPress.com

  1. Problem: I cannot seem to get the new embed code that SkyDrive offers now to work on wordpress.com.
    1. Example:https://skydrive.live.com/embed?cid=4FA3329905D7E1CE&resid=4FA3329905D7E1CE%2162359&authkey=AHmbh-apEmizw-8
  2. Cause: No idea. Guess somebody did not get the memo? Hope it is not me. Smile
  3. Workaround: 
    1. Old skydrive embed code still works in wordpress (E.g. https://thomasplagwitz.com/tag/lists+resources/), but is a completely different syntax than what skydrive offers for embedding now (insert office code into [] to try it out): 
      1. office width="750" height="1300" src="http://r.office.microsoft.com/r/rlidExcelEmbed?su=10634757809471938&Fi=SD25C841818181C2!126&kip=1&AllowTyping=True&Item=Table2&wdHideGridlines=True&wdDownloadButton=True"
    2. However, you can still convert the current embed into the old one:
    3. by inserting the new parameter values into the old ones:
      1. "cid" becomes "su" and
      2. "resid" becomes "Fi" .
    4. This example  successfully embeds into a WordPress.com code now. (insert office code into [] to try it out):
      1. office width="750" height="1300" src="http://r.office.microsoft.com/r/rlidExcelEmbed?su=4FA3329905D7E1CE&Fi=4FA3329905D7E1CE%2162359&kip=1&AllowTyping=True&Item=Table2&wdHideGridlines=True&wdDownloadButton=True"
  4. No we seem to have been here before, so we shall see how long this workaround lasts.
  1. 2014/01/05 at 10:39

    This did not work for me any help

  2. 2014/01/05 at 10:40

    This did not work for me. Any help

    • 2014/01/05 at 13:47

      Unfortunately no.

      I have not had problems with SkyDrive embeds recently.

      I do not think that the rules have changed again, either.

      If I check what I gave as example here, it still works: https://thomasplagwitz.com/tag/lists+resources/

      If I find something out, I’ll post it here.

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