How to test the LangLabEmailer

  1. The LangLabEmailer, when run, displays no GUI. To monitor:
    1. the progress, view the trace-listener.log;
    2. the results, view:
      1. “_sent” filenames in your assessment file store. NOTE: the LangLabEmailer will rename assessment files, by adding “_sent” to the end of the filename (for easy tracking;no deletions). If this is an issue for you, do not run it!
      2. “sent” items folder of mailbox used ( = mailbox of user logged into AD-domain-joined computer). NOTE: The LangLabEmailer will email assessment files from the language lab collection! (That is its primary purpose.) Specifically, it will send 
        1. as you configured: within your campus email system (unless your campus mail administrator allows mail forwarding),
        2. as you configured:  from the campus mail account you have the right to send from (I have the right to send ca. 3000 messages per day; you may want to inquire with your MS-Exchange admin about your limits),
        3. as you configured:  from the student collection file share classroom data (which has special, relaxed FERPA rules),
        4. per its design – which is primarily based on file ownership which itself is based on who logs in on the originating lab computers and the digital audio lab software’s saving rules for pair and group work, but also by making some honest guesses about the intended recipient, based the file name and, as you configured, the list of teachers using your lab (since from experience these also happen to be logged in for students at times) – , primarily to the presumed originator and to her teacher (and in special cases, as a fallback, to whoever you configured as language lab admin).
        5. If this sounds a tad scary: just start with configuring
          1. a few “dry” test runs (no sending, no renaming, just logging what would happen)
          2. then some limited test runs (small time window and dummy files)
          3. and examine the results which the langlabemailer logs for you in either mode, and you will likely find, it is not scary.
          4. Next: Run. Or up:Langlabemailer table of contents.
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