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LRC Outlook/Exchange 2010 Resource Calendaring: How to book an LRC resource by making a Meeting Request in OWA

    1. A meeting request is – as you can see from its icon: meeting-request-icon-calendar-email – an email with calendar information.
    2. In OWA, start writing a (2) meeting request, like an email, from the (1) menu: ”new” (click not on “new” directly, but on the arrow next to “new” to unfold the menu: owa-menu-new-meeting-request
    3. By default, the meeting will show you as the organizer in the calendar. In addition, on default tab : appointment, like in an email, you may want to add subject (like your course number), and a message body (e.g. “to make audio recordings with 20 students”).owa-window-new-meeting-request-subject-notes-marked
    4. Start adding “resources”  (do not send “to” a room or equipment piece, and send “to” people only if you need them to staff the room or operate the equipment for you) by clicking it: owa-window-new-meeting-request-resources-marked
    5. This will open the window: Address book (read more on the Address book),  find and select your “LRC” resource in the list of LRC bookable resources and click “OK”: owa-meeting-request-scheduling-assistant-address-book-search-global-marked
    6. Switch from default tab : appointment to tab: scheduling assistant , and set the meeting (1) start and (2) end day/time, to when the resource is (3) available:owa-meeting-request-scheduling-assistant-start-end (read more on the Scheduling Assistant)
    7. from the default tab : appointment, click button: send.owa-meeting-request.-top-menu-send-marked
    8. For what happens next, see responses and calendar.
    9. For a high-level overview, see this LRC calendaring How-to

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