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LRC Outlook/Exchange 2010 Calendaring: How to use the Global Address list/Address Book for LRC Resources in OWA

  1. Open the GAL for Resources by clicking on “Resources”, like here :owa-window-new-meeting-request-resources-marked
  2. Use (1) default filtering, (2) “LRC” (3) search, to see all resources, including (4) equipment: owa-meeting-request-scheduling-assistant-address-book-search-global
  3. use (1) room filtering, (2) “LRC” (3) search, to see only (4) resources that resemble “Rooms” (including “Offices” held): owa-meeting-request-scheduling-assistant-addrress-book-search-roomsl
  4. after (1) searching “LRC”, (2) pick the desired resource, (3) add it to the resources recipient list, (4) click “ok” to close the address book (which will send you back to your meeting request)owa-meeting-request-scheduling-assistant-address-book-search-global-marked
    1. if there are several equivalent resources you could use (like any of our voice recorders), you can quickly compare their immediate availability using the scheduling window in the right pane
    2. if you need a better overview over availability of the resource, and other participants, add multiple resources to the to-list and compare their availability using the “Scheduling Assistantwhich features a full legend and easy-to-read begin/end markers for your chosen begin/end times
  5. In the address book, you have a limited (to today) preview of the (3) schedule of the resource, which can aid you in deciding which resource to add to the resources-listowa-meeting-request-scheduling-assistant-address-book-search-global-marked2
    1. Alternatively, for a more expansive schedule, add all equivalent resources (e.g. lights) and decide later in the scheduling assistant which one to send the meeting request to

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