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Room and Equipment handling using MS-Exchange Resource Mailboxes with Autoprocessing: AutoAccept and ForwardtoDelegates

  1. Autoprocessing: AutoAccept automates managing (blocking, sharing information on the block, unblocking) resources for users (those that can BookInPolicy, or AllBookInPolicy).
    1. At least as long as the policies that resource mailboxes allow you to define and the user groups that can be and have been set up in your MS-Exchange environment.
    2. AdditionalResponse can aid in avoiding some of the problems, if the requesters collaborate.
    3. Here is an example of an automated autoaccept message with an additional response:
    4. room434-autoresponse-working
  2. Forwardtodelegates
    1. forwards requests, saving delegates the effort to monitor the resource mailbox and calendar, like so: meeting-request-resource-inbox-tentative
    2. Not only that, it seems to also forward accepted requests, useful for creating a paper-trail, e.g. for future reporting needs (Q:can the entire history of a request, including all changes be monitored this way?).
    3. room434-delegateforward-for-inpolicyrequest-working
    4. This forwardtodelegates seems to work reliably, and you can filter notifications with a rule into the “digital paper-trail” folder:
    5. meeting-request-delegateforward-rules-when-missing
    6. I notice a few gotchas with forwardtodelegates , however:
      1. Not all requesters will have their requests forwarded: If your requester is a delegate, or her account even only linked to that of a delegate, it seems no notification message is forwarded to delegates (at least for in-policy requests).
      2. As you can see in the above screenshots, the forwardtodelegates seems to omit  meeting time requested (bug?) which you can track down by opening the calendar of the resource and search for the the meeting title, both of which are included in the notification message.
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