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Online Tool to compress/decompress GUIDs

Could not immediately find one when I searched: Enjoy. My formula will not trim leading and trailing spaces from your input. You may have to enter the blue result field, move the cursor to the end of the formula and hit enter for the result cell to update. Download the sheet to use in Excel.

Minor Updates during Computer Lab Imaging with Symantec Ghost Explorer

TBA: intro mit querverweis checklist of lists

You can do minor updates using the file manipulation features of Ghost Explorer (you may have to recompile the image, which adds some time – but not necessarily, even for registry changes – and is still faster than the checklist).

Load the image with Ghost explorer. Browse to a file. Right-click the directory or file to get options. Or simply drag and drop files between the host file system into the Ghost Explorer.

Remember that the Windows registry is also only a file. Save a hive of the registry to the host file system, then use the MS knowledgebase approved method to edit it with regedit on the host system before copying it back:

1.      Run Regedit.exe from the new installation of Windows, and then click theHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key.

2.      On the File menu, click Load Hive.

3.      Open the %SystemRoot%\System32\Config folder of the original Windows installation, click the System file, and then click Open.

4.      In the Load Hive box, type test, and then click OK. The original Windows installation System hive is loaded as a subkey of the current HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry key as "test".

5.      [Do what it takes]

6.      Unload the test registry subkey:

a.      Click test, and then click Unload Hive on the File menu.

b.      Click Yes to confirm the unloading.

Here is a ghost image registry hive loaded as test into the host registry editor:


Using the runonce key of the registry, you can also use this technique to force separate application installs after deployment and before the freezing of the image:


Clone/deploy as normal: Easy, fast. Good luck.