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Possible example what’s wrong with the Winforms application deployment experience?

Heh heh, slightly embarrassing,  ain’t it, if it trips up a Wintel coding price winner.Smile

“UltraDynamo’s last major hitch revolved around the MSI installer required for submission to the Intel AppUp® center. Originally, Auld intended to generate the package from the InstallShield* Lite tool that comes bundled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. However, no amount of banging his head against the application helped him understand how to generate an MSI package directly. No matter what he tried, all he could get from the program was an .EXE installer, which the Intel AppUp® center wouldn’t accept. Finally, Auld did find a way to “double-install” into an MSI package, but the Intel AppUp center wouldn’t accept that either. Apparently, examination by Intel techs in a test environment revealed that “the shortcuts that the application installed weren’t announced shortcuts.”

To this day, I haven’t got a Scooby what that means,” admitted Auld.

Fortunately, Intel came to Auld’s rescue. Tech support staff sent him an alpha version of a tool they used internally for app store packaging that relied on WIX* as its underlying toolset for generating installer packages.

“After working out how the Intel-provided app ran a couple of the WIX underlying commands to generate the MSI package, I took the XML file that the tool had created and used it as a foundation. I tweaked the internal XML nodes, got my shortcuts displayed on the screen, and then manually ran the WIX underlying commands to generate the MSI package. This then went through verification at Intel without any issue.””

Online Tool to compress/decompress GUIDs

Could not immediately find one when I searched: Enjoy. My formula will not trim leading and trailing spaces from your input. You may have to enter the blue result field, move the cursor to the end of the formula and hit enter for the result cell to update. Download the sheet to use in Excel.