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Trying to reduce Attempt abandoned in Hot Potato Hot Pot Moodle quizzes

    1. The Hot Potatoes quiz activity per se does not seem to have a submit button, since it is auto-grading, per question.
    2. . When the quiz is completed, the string in ExerciseCompleted (usually: “You have complete the exercise” )appears in a modal dialogue and on top.
    3. image
    4. Before Exercise is complete, the instructions now remain, since I have turned off ShowCompleteSoFarclip_image001
    5. One could make  ExerciseCompleted much more visible (like with ShowCompleteSoFar permanently in a Hot Potatoe inhstallation), if looking out for this message would help the students not abandoning the quiz early: image

How to change your button text in Hot Potatoes activities

  1. In Hot Potatoes, use the “options”/ “configure output”:
  2. image
  3. Tab: “Buttons”:image
  4. Save and regenerate the html file: image
  5. Voilà: submit

Webinar: Respondus 4.0 for Moodle by Vendor

In case you could not make it to this live online presentation shortly before the term start, I taped this respondus-4-moodle-webinar (plays for sure in Windows Media Player on the Lab PCs) for your review. I also made this transcript which can help you jump to the information that interests you most:

0: 00

question editor

1: 00

signing up for a test bank

4: 00

importing questions from a test bank  (example:  human biology)

6: 30

editing the quiz based on the test bank 

7: 00

adding another question, multiple choice

07: 00

question types in Moodle and Respondus are similar

08: 00

ad advanced formatting, like bold or html or multimedia

09: 00

from a local computer or on the web, like

10: 00


12: 00

printing exams

14: 00

publishing exams directly into Moodle

14: 00

enter your Moodle server information (once; or never, if your administrator has prepopulated these fields for you)

16: 00


18: 00

lockdown browser:  can’t print, capture screen as image or video, can’t browse web or instant messaging programs

20: 00

integration with Moodle (Moodle block if hosted, module if self-hosted)

21: 00

within Moodle, on the update quiz link, in the section: Respondus lockdown browser

21: 30

students perspective:  local client software install

23: 30

example of taking an exam with the lockdown browser

28: 30

what the exam will look like if the students tries to access it with another browser

30: 30

admin perspective:  info for the lockdown browser license administrator, including for lab administrators with imaging and answer files

34: 30


36: 30

online documentation

37: 30


38: 30

q&a: support for Moodle:  2.0,2.1 yes

39: 30

q&a: the admin can in the admin portal prepopulate the server settings for the teachers’ Respondus

40: 30

q&a:  question types in Moodle are different from blackboard :  these get dropped when you change the personality (blackboard/Moodle) within Respondus, but most basic question types simply carry over back and forth

41: 30

q&a: default font size:  menu: file / menu item:  preferences/ tab: edit&publish

42: 30

q&a:  convert exam view files –  go through the publisher of the text bank – or export to word, put the Respondus import markup in, import word into Respondus

44: 30

q&a:  lockdown browser system requirements:  see online

44: 30

q&a:  timed exams? Yes, but through Moodle, lockdown browser just passes this through

45: 30

q&a:  virtual machine:  lockdown browser prevents it (no need for vm with windows with new mac version of lockdown browser)

46: 30

q&a:  dual screen:  lockdown browser prevents it , beyond enforcing full screen

47: 30

q&a:  how to push out the lockdown browser to your students during the first quiz? Best set up a test quiz with just this purpose

48: 30

q&a:  will the timer from Moodle show in the lockdown browser:  yes

49: 30

q&a:  about hosting

50: 30

q&a: multiple questions to a single image

51: 30

q&a:  publishers

While I like the impetus of Respondus to facilitate formative assessment, its utility seems limited if you do not have pre-authored publisher test bank for your topic. Or rather the functionality of preformatting text in MS-Word and importing it – not demonstrated in this screencast – seems more convenient (and partially could be automated, especially in SLA quizzes by using NLP) than actually authoring quizzes in Respondus – but is also available in Moodle itself.

Or use a simple quiz-generating MS-Word template if you do not need an LMS, but rather feedback so much faster than on the WWW, as implemented in current LMS, that a difference in quantity difference forms a new quality).

And I can also not say that I see much new in Respondus since 2004, except for the Moodle support, which naturally did not exist then. In the area of Web 2.0, one would wish for more than just publisher-driven test banks (where language are largely absent except for the most popular courses).