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Checklist transcription foot pedal

  1. Are the Parts there?
    1. Pedal
    2. USB adapter
    3. Earpiece


    1. Test the Functionality:
      1. TBA: you need the software installed on a PC first

Checklist for Voice recorder 03

  1. Are the Parts there?
    1. Recorder (consisting of : removable cover for usb-connector and recorder)
    2. Batteries (1) AAA clip_image001
  2. Test the Functionality
    1. Insert batteries in recorder (if needed, replace from box on shelves with sign "office supplies")
    2. Record for 15sec.
    3. Playback
    4. Format memory to completely delete , according to manual : WS-100w/ USB
      1. Turn recorder on
      2. Press and hold the Menu button
      3. Press FF (fast forward) 4 times to get to format
      4. Press Play then FF to get to "yes"
      5. Press Play
      6. You be asked "are you sure?", press FF (yes) then Play to start formatting
  3. Maintenance
    1. If needed, replace batteries from box on shelves with sign "office supplies".

Checklist for Voice recorder 01-02

  1. Are the Parts there?
    1. Recorder clip_image001
    2. Batteries (2) AAA clip_image002
  2. Test the Functionality
    1. clip_image003
      1. Record for 5secs.
      2. Playback
      3. Erase everything, according to manual: Operating Instructions
      4. clip_image004
    2. Maintenance
      1. If needed, replace batteries from box on shelves with sign “office supplies”.

How to Digital Audio Record: Olympus Voice Recorder

  • Layout:
  • To prepare
    • Turn on by pressing “OK” (14) button on front
      • No external microphone needed, but do not cove built-in microphone (2)
      • Troubleshooting: If the device will not turn on/function, check the battery (compartment (23) on rear, uses AAA)
    • Make sure
      • the “hold” switch (21) is on unlocked
      • the “mode” switch (22) on the left is not set to “music” , but “voice”
  • To record: press record button (4) on right
    • To pause, press “record”(4)
    • To end, press “stop” (5) on right
    • Advanced:
      • Voice Activation mode: TBA
    • Troubleshooting: if the device does not record and says “music mode”, change
  • To saving recordings
    • On rear, press release (24) button
    • Slide the recorder out of the battery compartment to reveal the usb connector (8)
    • Insert the usb connector into a pc of the booths, wait until windows recognizes the device, then move the (wma) files and store them on your home (x:) drive or email them to yourself.
  • Loan policy:
    • to borrow a digital voice recorder, leave your student or staff card in the plastic pocket of the recorder
    • Students need to ask before they can borrow one. Tutors need to collect them back by the end of the session.
    • You must return the recorder at the end of the lesson. Digital voice recorders must not leave the interpreting suite premises (MGB-36).