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Checklist for Voice recorder 01-02

  1. Are the Parts there?
    1. Recorder clip_image001
    2. Batteries (2) AAA clip_image002
  2. Test the Functionality
    1. clip_image003
      1. Record for 5secs.
      2. Playback
      3. Erase everything, according to manual: Operating Instructions
      4. clip_image004
    2. Maintenance
      1. If needed, replace batteries from box on shelves with sign “office supplies”.

LRC Wireless microphone basics

  1. Parts: image
  2. Functionality test:
    1. In general, see here.
    2. For specifics: image
    3. The lavaliere is optional, you can plug in another 3.5mm microphone.
  3. Maintenance:
    1. Check batteries
  4. Incidentally, in many classrooms, the Office of classroom technology can provide wireless microphones that connect to the teacher podium.