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How to Digital Audio Record: Olympus Voice Recorder

  • Layout:
  • To prepare
    • Turn on by pressing “OK” (14) button on front
      • No external microphone needed, but do not cove built-in microphone (2)
      • Troubleshooting: If the device will not turn on/function, check the battery (compartment (23) on rear, uses AAA)
    • Make sure
      • the “hold” switch (21) is on unlocked
      • the “mode” switch (22) on the left is not set to “music” , but “voice”
  • To record: press record button (4) on right
    • To pause, press “record”(4)
    • To end, press “stop” (5) on right
    • Advanced:
      • Voice Activation mode: TBA
    • Troubleshooting: if the device does not record and says “music mode”, change
  • To saving recordings
    • On rear, press release (24) button
    • Slide the recorder out of the battery compartment to reveal the usb connector (8)
    • Insert the usb connector into a pc of the booths, wait until windows recognizes the device, then move the (wma) files and store them on your home (x:) drive or email them to yourself.
  • Loan policy:
    • to borrow a digital voice recorder, leave your student or staff card in the plastic pocket of the recorder
    • Students need to ask before they can borrow one. Tutors need to collect them back by the end of the session.
    • You must return the recorder at the end of the lesson. Digital voice recorders must not leave the interpreting suite premises (MGB-36).
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