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Moodle Streaming Video Recording Assignment Glitch

2011/07/27 1 comment

Environment: Mac OS 10.6.6, Moodle 1.9, Kaltura TBA, Firefox 3, Flash TBA.

Symptom: As pictured below, when student tries to redo a video assignment submitted previously, by pressing button “resubmit …”, Flash security window pops up, asking for her permission to access the webcam, but won’t accept any input (“pizza of death” spins).

kaltura (4)

Workaround: Use Safari instead of Firefox.

Lesson to learn: Not only, but especially with computers, be resilient (“Try something else”: modify the sequence of steps, browser version, browser make, operating system, hardware…).

Can’t play video?

It is unlikely that you may be missing Adobe-Flash. Not quite so unlikely: MS-Silverlight.

You may simply be missing a codec. Many of my videos use the H.264 codec.

Short of dealing with too many codecs or codec packs, try a better media player:

  1. VLC player or
  2. Windows Media Player Classic or
  3. Windows Media Player 12 (comes with Windows 7)).