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Room and Equipment handling using MS-Exchange Resource Mailboxes: What the parameter AllowConflict means

2011/08/22 1 comment
  1. NOT TRUE HERE? More info here, search “AllowConflicts”.
  2. Is required for a practically very desirable feature in handling of recurring meeting requests: A conflict exception still allows the basic recurrent meeting go through I found a helpful flowchart  457960_CalendarConflict01, see bottom left for effect of Allowconflicts.
  3. what will the effect be on non-recurring meeting requests? Will conflict in.stances (there are only instances with non-recurring meeting requests) still be denied? From the flowchart  and when allowconflicts comes into play (only after automateprocessing: autoaccept (it does not come into play with automateprocessing:autoupdate) immediately before thresholds ) and that it still does not allow actual conflicts, it appears to me that allowconflicts should have been called “allow-a-recurring-meeting-request-to-be-not-outright-denied-if-it-has-conflict-instances-that-have-to-be-denied-(always-by-the-autoaccept-agent)-as-long-as-not-the-ConflictPercentageAllowed-and-MaximumConflictInstances-numbers-are-also-exceeded”. it was, however, with good reason not called: “allowdoublebooking” J
  4. That much about the theory. Now the Test results for AllowConflicts $true
    1.   What works: Allowconflicts does not prompt the autoprocessing: autoaccept (calendar booking assistant) to allow actual conflict instances (double bookings)) from recurring meeting requests.
    2.   What does not seem to work, but is not important right now: thresholds for conflict amounts are ignored, even if both are crossed
      1.  MaximumConflictInstances= 5
      2.  ConflictPercentageAllowed= 25% guides the calendar booking assistant in deciding whether a recurring meeting request gets
      3. (10 conflict instances out of 20) still get accepted,