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How to automatically uninstall Visual 2008/2010 and components

  1. Although not well-publicized, Microsoft has uninstall tools available for 2008 and 2010 (English).
  2. This one did the job of stringing together the individual uninstallers nicely here: uninstall-complete
  3. which beats doing it semi-manually as was explained here. 2008 install experience

Symptom: Error 32003. Vsvars.bat could not be opened for write. clip_image001

Context: After 2008 Professional Install on Windows-7 home premium 64-bit , reboot, on opening Outlook 2010 32-bit.

Resolution: In the file properties, tab:security, give “full control” permissions to “Everyone”.

Comments: Changed permissions back after installer finished, have yet to see whether whether this errors again. – Error did not occur on Vista Home Premium 64-bit .

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Automating Auralog Tell-Me-More with AutoIt. Presentation at EUROCALL 2008

Auralog Tell-Me-More is a leading language learning software system which provides a vast amount of content in an advanced technical infrastructure that we found lacking in usability within an higher education language learning environment.

AutoIt is a programming language for GUI automation which I used to better integrate the Auralog software into the higher education language learning process, including

  1. programmatic creation of courses and accounts
  2. programmatic extraction and digital repository management for over 30.000 learning units.Click to view a work sample from my portfolio
  3. programmatic creation of 10,000s of learning paths,

Results were presented (screencast) at EUROCALL 2008: “Automating Auralog (pdf)”:

    1. cpurse and account creation

creates 100s of courses , creates and enrols up to 2,000 student accounts every term,

  1. content extraction produces files for adding search and spreadsheet for sort/filter functionality:
  2. learning path creation.

More detailed background information here: plagwitz_auralog_accounts_project_pub.pdf, plagwitz_auralog_project_pub.pdf