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How to bind files to PDF with eXpert PDF Creator

  1. I tried PDF Editor (mind you, old version! 6 which I still have around from a promotion – nice software, though) first, including its help.
  2. Use Batch Creator instead,
  3. uncheck “Create multiple Documents”
  4. then you will be prompted for a (new) filename for the bound files.
  5. expert-pdf-editor
  6. Then click the “save” icon  in the upper right menu.

Installing dkPro in 2014…

  • … proved easier than 2012  (thanks, Richard Smile), but still not for the faint of heart…
  • I got it to work maven-download-sources, despite an update release of ver 1.6 – once again like in 2012 – in the middle of my installation travails.
  • Read all about those in here.

Web browser popup blocker exceptions need configuring


  1. Which computers
    1. This I found on the Reception desk
    2. but isn’t that then also wrong on all student pcs which have the same base image?
  2. Which exceptions missing: I noticed immediately:
    2. should read
  3. Which browsers
    1. Example is IE9,
    2. But are others different?

Student email in Office365/ slow on reception desk computers

  1. Problem: Since last week (or so; interestingly, only individual users seem to have been affected at first), we seem to experiencing regular (but not consistent) issues with meeting requests mostly
    1. slowness
    2. browser-specific behavior
      1. internet explorer 9: crashes
      2. chrome: crashes
      3. Firefox: (sometimes just seems to hang, with some coercion can bring up an “unresponsive script” warning dialogue that a script is hanging: image
  2. Workaround:
    1. Best so far: if you see the Firefox warning dialogue, check “do not warn again” and click on “continue”(?)
    2. we will try to look into common browser configuration (like popup blockers).
  3. Root cause: ?
    1. Firefox provides only this help on unresponsive script error;
    2. the slowness could be in the actual script, on the client, in the network, on the server…
  4. Resolution: ?

Our tutorplayer installation which comes with Sanako study 1200 tutor on the teacher computer is broken

  1. image
  2. What’s with the non-existent path hard-coded here? Missing path delimiter? But that is not enoguh to fix the path: There is a student.settings in C:\ProgramData\Sanako\Study\Student\Tutor.Settings – not sure why tutorplayer is not accessing this file.
  3. Which is double annoying since I just had to enable MFF as default recording save format for some teachers that need dual track support which is buggy with MP3.

More disruptive recommendations to downgrade to colorscheme basic on lab PCs despite Themeswitcher?

  1. Is this maybe what happens when Themeswitcher crashes: While the desktop background still gets changed, the Colorscheme does not get set to Basic? How to avoid the crashing FileIOException? What fileIO may a colorscheme change require?
  2. image
  3. image
  4. Disruption is the least of the problem: The warning comes up when computers become dangerously slow. In the past, they have become disfunctional during these episodues and needed to be power-cycled. This has resulted in loss of assignment and assessment materials.

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Protected: Sanako Student Recorder Appcrash

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