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Teacher cannot remote control student computers in Sanako Study 1200 Autoscan

  1. Problem:
      1. The 1st video shows me unable to remote control a student PC from the Sanako  Tutor/ Screensharing / Autoscan window, despite (audibly) clicking the mouse and typing on the keyboard.
      2. The 2nd  video demonstrates another strange behavior: Not only can I not remote control the student PC – the Autoscan window keeps showing the same screen even after switching to the next student – although students all work on different texts, as is further evidenced by the thumbnail view of the whole classroom on the left.
      3. This photo was supposed to demonstrate another oddity: the teacher’s typing (instead of going to the student) flashing up in the upper left of the Autoscan window, between the “Monitor” button and the “Word” window frame – but I missed the right moment. Besides, it may be an additional complication due to the Office 2010 Japanese IME chosen here on both teacher and student. Or it may be the root of the problems (but including mouse? screen not updating)
      4. image
  2. Additional Info: For what it is worth: here are the Sanako log files from
    1. the teacher (unfrozen, all times):
    2. a couple of students
  3. Debugging:
    1. Can this be replicated with an IME other than Office 2010 Japanese (or any non-Western IM), on teacher and/or student?  An actual student should be logged in (<- permissions issue?), preferably many (<- performance issue?). Update: No, could not be replicated yet using another keyboard than an East-Asian IME is involved – bug?
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