LRC annual report

  • Calendar overviews: Director/ LRC Classroom
  • Face-to-face teaching and examination support in the LRC
    • Phonetics
    • Oral exams
      • Business Spanish
    • Assessment materials
      • Reached 1000s of assessments and assignments in the LRC  in November (;
      • Recorded and emailed 1600/year  oral exams  (langlabemailer could do 3000/day) by May
    • Putting chapter tests online using Mygermanlab online textbook  companion -> acknowledged through invitation by Pearson Publishing to symposium on language learning technology;
    • Kaltura.
  • Tutoring : regained CAE tutors  and introduced a volunteer tutoring service for LCTL (Arabic, Farsi), and wrote policy and training.
  • Learning spaces: installed 2nd larger teacher screen.
  • IT+HR management:
    • Handled 3 major LRC upgrades/transitions
      • HR: Helped select and trained new coordinator in LRC organization, some IT management and some language technology.
      • IT: Windows 7 and Office 2010, used MS globalization and other resources to implement free support for
      • Helped translate this software image into the new college imaging infrastructure/staff evolving in Fall 2012, including – been left to my own devices – setting up a software inventory based on actual MS infrastructure information (
    • Standing in for ITS (hardware troubleshooting for Saba Centra, Kaltura; faculty computer config, documenting campus-wide IT infrastructure, domain drops, deepfreeze reboots, network slowness).
    • Trados troubleshooting.

  • Library:
    • Oversee (maintain infrastructure , train users ) now 115 bookable resources
      • Calendars: Multimedia trainings for circulation system based on NINERMAIL resources (why me for campus-wide infrastructure?)
      • Managed to impress on ITS that in office365  we need also for students
        • automated  booking response ;
        • automatic proper timezone.
    • Learning Materials:
      • Management: Farsi audio in metacourses and SkyDrive, French phonetics audio and text book in Sanako share, Japanese and Spanish exam audio, “Friendly Russian ” conversion to Sanako file format.
      • Creation: Created learning materials for use during F2F-classes with the sanako in the LRC: English (speaking) ,French (phonetics), Japanese (speaking),Russian (intermediate), etc.

  • Training:
    • Accompanied numerous F2F classes using SANAKO teacher station, including few Chinese, German, Portuguese,  some English, Japanese and Spanish,  many Russian and all French phonetics classes.
    • Training workshops: Held 2 fall workshops
      • In Spring, due to low turnout for bi-semester workshops, adapted to offer 2 hour-long weekly clinics preparing LRC use during classes and doubled reach.
      • Organized and co-presented 2 segments in a Language Teaching with Technology ” showcase with 9 presenters from LCS and ELTI.
  • Outreach
    • Impressed ( visiting candidates (German, Spanish, Head searches), schools and parents or prospective students with live demonstrations of LRC .
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