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LRC offers generating audio files from your foreign language texts

  1. Would you like to expose your student to L2 listening materials beyond the audio learning materials that come with your textbook?
    1. Materials customized to the learning needs of your classes? From current affairs maybe?
    2. Would you prefer no to send them to  internet audio that may be difficult and time consuming to integrate?
    3. Do you lack the time to record speaking cues, oral exam questions or reading models yourself?
    4. Do you need audio files that you and your students can rewind/fast forward/replay, edit and record into with voice insert?
    5. And would you prefer using audio in your classes that comes with aligned text, whether that audio that has been transcribed or vice versa, to create glossaries,  captions,  multimedia assignments?
  2. The LRC now offers generating audio files from your foreign language texts in many languages.
    1. The service is based on the quality voices of Google Translate text-to-speech (better (simpler) than its actual translation portion, let alone its naïve use).
    2. Unlike Google translate, the service persists longer than 100 character texts to audio files (mp3) that (and the underlying digital text) we can work with further, in your syllabus, the LMS and the digital audio lab.
    3. Technical background and samples.
    4. Languages that are available in good quality: See links under this post;  other languages: please test with me..
  3. To request an audio file generation for your class, send the following information to the LRC
    1. regular reading/listening materials: plain digital text should do;
    2. SANAKO oral exam cues: please enter the text in this MS-Word table and add information in the additional columns for exam customization.
  1. Mark
    2013/03/07 at 12:33

    Very Cool and needed in second language acquisition! I have created a text script specifically for an intermediate foreign language learning program to be sold online from a mobile site. Audio MP3 file duration approx. 20 hrs. (There are two different speakers, the teacher and the student, during the audio.) I also want the script in the target language and its translation to appear onscreen synced with the audio with a user option of hiding either or both of the script texts. I would like to add “still images” at various points (like a storyboard) through out the program that represent the audio content. Audio should have slow play without affecting the pitch as well as loop features that remain sycned with subtitles. Program ideally should also provide an option for interactive multiple choice and yes/no questions as a game feature at the end of each chapter. Program needs to be accesible to most platforms (i.e. desktop and laptop computers and smart phone and tablet devices.) Perhaps not all I have here is relevant to this site, however, I am interested in what could be useful to assist in creating my vision. Keep up the innovative work and let me know if you have insight as to how I can incorporate this tech into my program.

    • 2013/03/07 at 15:57

      Hi Mark:

      Many thanks for your comments.

      What you describe sounds similar to what not only I envision as useful multimedia (audio/vidoe with variable play speed) exercises based on captions with automatically generated interactive exercises, but what many language teachers (and learners) seem to find useful.

      You can find a few related projects scattered across this site:
      caption-based exercises,
      automatically generated (for being able to scale out, stay current with current affairs and personalized learner interest.

      You will also find many such teacher-driven projects across the web, I suggest starting with the professional organizations CALICO, IALLT and EUROCALL and their publications, cconventions and affiliates.

      And don’t fail to check back here also. E.g. while all the heavy lifting is done by others, I hope to contribute a bit more by updating the audio file generator script – once the term is over 8-0

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