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Sanako homework files do not save

Permissions, and on your h drive? File space ? I can save, but students not only not ppts.

  1. Markus
    2013/02/28 at 13:33

    Hy, i tried to install the study student Recorder (lite) 6.1 on Windows 8, 64 bit. Can´t work with it.
    Opening a mp3 file gives the error: Error occured: New file error.
    Reducing the Player and expanding it gives the error: Error occured: Player pause error
    Pressing the Record button gives: Error occured: Player pause error+Player start speak error+Player set Position error (two times)
    Saving Sound Settings give: error occured: file save error

    So it looks like it is not compatible with Windows 8/64 bit

    • 2013/03/02 at 14:51

      Hallo Markus:

      Thanks for commenting, interesting point. I have so far only installed the Sanako Study lite recorder on Windows 7/64bit and Windows XP 32bit at work, but I will let my students know.

      You may want to try the updated download link at http://download.sanako.com/thelanguagepoint/. And you can also report the errors at the user forum there: http://thelanguagepoint.com/english_discussions/seeds.

      Sanako Study keeps log files in your temp directory (Start/Run/ %temp% / OK) – maybe you can post these logs there.

      Viele Grüße

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