How the LRC provides volunteer tutoring services

  1. The volunteer tutor student  gets a tutor calendarto publicize her services (non-personal information only) online.
    1. The LRC assistants at the LRC reception desk will train and set up the tutor initially. If the volunteer tutor needs more practice in using her NINERMAIL calendar than her initial training provided her with, she can come in and log in for the LRC assistants at the LRC reception desk and the LRC assistants will guide her. During LRC opening hours, at any time we have 3 computers and 2-3 LRC assistants staffing the LRC reception desk  which is right next to the group rooms where the volunteer tutors work, so there should be minimal delay and overhead with maximum administrative benefit.
    2. From then on, the volunteer tutor is in charge of her own tutor calendar. If the volunteer tutor needs to announce  changes, the volunteer tutor goes to NINERMAIL, section: calendar, and
      1. for single cancellations, deletes her appointment, like so:
      2. for changing the schedule, opens her old appointment (series), cancels it (only future occurrences) and creates her new altered (recurring) appointment, like so:
    3. The volunteer tutor  logs in and out of her tutor calendar appointment, whenever she starts/ends her tutoring  hours, so that the LRC assistants at the reception desk can check her in and out of the LRC (LRC Assistants have a special program for this), and so that she can enter  a summary of whom she tutored and on what. A the end of the term, the LRC coordinator can provide tutor supervisors with a report on the tutoring log collected this way.
    4. To maximize learning and minimize missed connections, bottlenecks and delays throuhg intermediaries – including tutor supervisors  and LRC staff -,  the volunteer tutor – the  authoritative source of her tutoring time – can communicate directly through (sample only, for actual Tutor## see,  with her stakeholders:
      1. the tutees who need to know her tutorung times, can communicate directly via
      2. the tutor supervisors, who, if they do not approve of the live or end-of-semester report tutor schedule, can let the tutor know, by asking her to change her time, deny her credit, not rehiring her…
    5. Currently, all tutoring is walk-up only. Enabling tuteees to sign-up for tutor help to avoid pile-ups is still TBA. If you would like to see sign-up tutoring implemented, please drop us a line explaining how this would be helpful for you.
  2. As far as the LRC is concerned:
    1. Tutors have to be within the within the opening hours of the LRC
    2. The LRC being increasingly busy with classes, exams, self-access assessments and distance education sessions these days, we also require all tutors to include one of the group rooms in the box “resources:” LRCRoomCOED433c, LRCRoomCOED433d  of their tutor calendar meeting request. Doing so will secure the tutor and tutee a convenient work place.
    3. Summaries of our tutor training in LRC language learning technology facilities are available here:
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