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How teachers can more quickly open/update/save their Moodle files from MS-Office

MS-Education Labs has published a plugin that speeds up editing MS-Office Files in Moodle.

To use the plugin, download (for 32-bit Office) , run, and from (2007) Office Button or (2010/2003) Menu: “File”, use menu item “Open from Moodle” (and later “Save to Moodle”).


You have to (once) let MS-Office (e.g. MS-Word or Excel) know the URL of  Moodle (e.g. http://moodle.uncc.edu), office_moodle_credentials, then your login credentials: office_moodle_login.

Note that your categorization of Moodle courses (in the tree menu on the left, all courses are filed away in folders called “Training”) prevents an instant load: office-moodle-courses-categories-error.

Instead, search for (part of) your course title: office-moodle-courses-search.

Select the results you want to add and click button: “Add”: office-moodle-courses-search-resources.

Wait for the courses to be loaded: office-moodle-courses-search-resource-loading.

You can then use the left course tree to browse for matching MS-office files within each of your loaded courses: office-moodle-courses-search-resource-browsing

MS-Office files are likely involved in the majority of Moodle edits, so this promises to be a great timesaver.

For more information, see also the CTL’s step-by-step instruction Using the Office Add-in for Moodle.

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